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Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Command & Conquer Red Alert game free download complete version

Command & Conquer Red Alert is one of the biggest strategy games of all time or at least, in recent memories. Red Alert is basically a story around the time of World War II in which you have to fight against your enemies with powerful weapons in which you have Tanks, Tesla coils, V2 rocket launchers, artillery, Aircraft, powerful infantry and defensive towers.
Command & Conquer Red Alert is compiled with great music tracks, an excellent control system, very good looking graphics and classic gameplay.
While playing Command & Conquer Red Alert, it reminds you the all scenes and incidents of World War II in which towns are falling and several countries collapsing.
All these history pages are recalled while playing this one of the best strategy game.

Some of the screenshots of Command & Conquer Red Alert are uploaded below so that you can easily understand the intensity of this game.

All the above screenshots will easily make you understand the gameplay of this game. In short, we can conclude that Command & Conquer Red Alert is one of the most popular and most downloaded strategy of all time.

Monday, 1 September 2014

uTorrent downloader free download latest version 2014

Hi friends. I hope you all will be fine. Today we are going to share a software which will solve your problem of downloading.
With this uTorrent downloader, you can download any thing which you want to download from the internet.
You just have to type your desired file or that thing, and it will find it for you.

Grand Theft Auto 2 free download complete version

Grand Theft Auto 2 is one of the most favorite and most wanted version of Grand Theft Auto.
Although, Grand Theft Auto 2 is not as good in graphics and visuals as its other versions are available like GTA San Andreas.
The game is available in such visuals just as you are watching everything from a bird's eye view or from a helicopter.
Grand Theft Auto 2 is no doubt a simple but an addictive game which will catch you all the way through.
Like other versions of GTA, it is a free game play in which you can play either independently and according to your plans and missions, or otherwise you can play freely like a gangster just to earn money.

Some of the screenshots of this game, Grand Theft Auto 2 are as under:

From the above images and screenshots, you can easily understand the game play of Grand Theft Auto 2.
In short, you can grab this game as a complete time pass. Just download this complete version and I am sure you will enjoy!