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Sunday, 18 May 2014

How to hack Facebook account with free Facebook hacking software

Today in this post, we will learn about How to hack Facebook account with free Facebook hacking software. This hacking software is one of the most wanted yet very rare software which are always requested by those friends who wants to know how to hack Facebook.
As you know, we always tries our best to provide you AllNewSoftwares which you can't download from any other website. So after a long hard work of searching, we are now confidently sharing this Facebook hacking software.

Important Note:
Before we proceed to this free hacking software, I feel it necessary that I must clarify my intentions with this disclaimer.

This Facebook hacking software is shared only for educational purpose and only for those who wants to try new softwares. Moreover,  We are not responsible for any negative use of this fb hacking software. Please use it only for fun and educational purpose.

After this disclaimer, we shall now proceed to the process of Facebook hacking.

How to hack Facebook:
This Facebook hacking software is very easy to download and also easy to use.
In other words, we must say that it was never that easy. First of all, Click on the link below to Download hacking software to hack Facebook account.

Click here to Download

Once you have completely downloaded this fb hacking software, extract the downloaded .rar file on your hard drive.
Now open this extracted file or we should say open that key by which now you can hack fb account.
This software is free for trial version, and you can hack Facebook account for multiple times. If you like it, you can buy its full version for its limited access.
When you will open it, you will see something like that:

Hacking Software 100% working

Click on Trial Version.

Now you will see many options, the screenshots of all these options are shared below:

Social Websites Hacking options:

Hack a facebook password,Password Retriever Software

Email Hacking options:

Hacking Software Free Download

Messengers Hacking options:

Hack msn hotmail accounts,How to hack msn

Now below, we are sharing some screenshots of working of Gmail hacking.

Enter the Profile or login ID of that person whom you want to hack Gmail account

gmail hacking,facebook hacking,satzo hacker

As you can see in the screenshot below, Gmail password hacking is under process,

download Free Hacking Software

You have successfully hacked a Gmail account!
You can also use it to recover Gmail account.

Learn How to Hack,Free Hacking tutorials

That is all my friends. This hacking software is very easy to use but when you will use it, it will surprise you with its fast pace and accuracy. Moreover, it is not like other free hacking software which are just fake dummies and waste of time. It is 100% working and tested by our team members.
So try this Facebook hacking software now.
I am sure you have successfully learned How to hack Facebook account with free Facebook hacking software.

Click here to Download

GTA San Andreas free download latest Grand Theft Auto version

Unlike other free adventurous games, GTA San Andreas free download is not just an action packed game in which you just have to fight and run but it actually provides you an opportunity to play a free adventure game.
This game is filled with complete action and fighting but if you are tired from exploration and violence, then take a rest and go to tennis court and play some tennis with other player or go to golf course and try your luck there.
In other words, we can say that download GTA San Andreas free download is also built-in with a tennis and a golf game with its complete features. So go there and try to calm your nerves there. Going to a beach will not be a bad option either!
All game lovers wants to play this game not just because it is an adventure but because unlike other free adventure games, it has some extra ordinary features which you can't expect in any other PC game.
I am playing PC games since I was a kid and played so many games that one can imagine!
But after playing all PC games for years, I realized that there is only this game which I'm addicted to.
Click below to Download GTA San Andreas.

Click here to Download

Having said that, lets discuss some of its features which will surely tease you download to play it.

Although this game has so many features and such extra ordinary game exploration that words can't completely define it until you can't play it yourself.
Some of its key features will be discussed below:

You can also Fly a Plane and Helicopter like a Pilot:

GTA San Andreas free download is not an only adventure game which gives opportunity to fly a plane or helicopter. But it provides you with some extra features in plane and helicopters which will surely give you a unique experience of flying just like a professional pilot.

Change your Clothes and Looks completely!

When completing a given mission, you sometimes needs to change your appearance to protect yourself from being caught by the police. In GTA, you can also change your car appearance, wheels, color and modify it according to your needs. You can also create your custom appearance according to your needs and likings rather than picking up between track suits and pants.

Vast and huge Map has unending roads and exploration:

Unlike other free adventure games, GTA San Andreas free download has vast map with almost all real like features which we face in life. But in every day life, we can't explore everything and has to live within limits. But it gives an opportunity to explore every such thing which you want to, but can't!
So play this free adventure game and explore its vast and huge map and enjoy!

Experience a small Submarine and explore life under water:

GTA San Andreas free download provides this special feature for all PC game lovers. It is included with a small submarine which will give you a unique experience and a chance to explore life under deep water.
Once you sit into it, I don't think anyone will want to get out of it!

Gamble or Play betting with your Cash:

You have to complete the missions like a professional to earn cash and bonus as well. You can also use your earned cash for gambling or Betting and can risk your money to be multiplied. More earnings means more fun! You can spend your money anywhere you wants like spending it on a beach side and have some fun with it!

As I said earlier, it has so many features that words can't describe it completely until you play it. In short, GTA San Andreas free download is an action packed game which will give you an unending pleasure and exposure. While playing this free adventure game, you will like your dreams came true.

We are uploading some of its screenshots so that you can have an idea about its liveliness and extra ordinary features:

Screenshot # 1:

Screenshot # 2:

Screenshot # 3:

Screenshot # 4:


GTA San Andreas free download is personally one of my favorite games which I played for years. So I personally recommend you to give it a try and I'm sure you will also like it as well!
Click below to Download GTA San Andreas.

Click here to Download

Saturday, 17 May 2014

IGI 2 free download complete game setup

IGI 2 free download complete game setup:
There are many computer games which we want to share with you and the game which we decided to share with you friends today is IGI 2 free download.
Many of you friends have heard about it many times but  have never played IGI 2, so it is specially for you. also those friends, who have played it before can try it again because it is one of the most popular ans evergreen games ever produced.
It is not just a copy of every other arcade or adventure game in which you just have to fight against your enemies. IGI 2 game is totally different from other arcade and adventurous games.
System Requirements:
  • Processor:::733MHz
  • RAM::: 256MB
  • Graphics:::32MB

First of all, it is provided with so much realistic graphics that makes the player so much involved in the game just as you are there in that area in real. Moreover, it has very realistic look like environment.
The best part of IGI 2 free download, that makes it stand alone from all other arcade games is that, you not only have to fight with your enemies but also have to rescue hostages which are being kidnapped by the enemies.
So in this game, you have to proceed very cleverly and intelligently.
Otherwise, your enemies will kill all the hostages because of your mistake.
So, courageously but intelligently, you have to proceed in IGI 2.
Download this best arcade game free from the link given below.

Click here to Download

Midtown Madness game free download

Midtown Madness game free download:

Racing games are very much liked by all PC games lovers. But, this Midtown Madness game is one of the most popular games of all categories.
Free Midtown Madness game is not like other racing games in which you just have to race with your opponents all the time. But, Midtown Madness game allows you to have a free run on the streets of Chicago and other beautiful cities. Moreover, you can also change the atmosphere and environment according to your liking.

Click here to Download

In other words, you can say that in this Midtown Madness free game, racing with your opponents and challenging your opponents is also a fun, but you can also experience driving your car in streets of big cities. While driving freely in cities, you can drive according to the traffic signals and also, if you wants to add some more fun in it, you can also break traffic signals but in this case, traffic police will be against you and will drive along with you if you break the law.
Midtown Madness game free download is my personal favorite racing game also because you can modify all the atmosphere as you can select whether you want to drive in day or night, you want to drive in sunny, cloudy or rainy weather, you can also select whether you want few traffic, medium traffic or highly densely traffic.
So try something different in Midtown Madness game and also suggest your friends to play this game.
I hope you will enjoy playing this best racing game.


System Requirements:
  • Cpu: 166 Mhz
  • Ram: 32 Mb
  • Hard: 300 Mb